UniLight Controller E8 Plus


UniLight Controller E8 Plus

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UniLight Controller E8 Plus

uniLIGHT Module Economy.8 PLUS

The E8 control module is the successor to the well-known 8-channel PRO control from uniLIGHT.at. The hardware and software have undergone a complete facelift and some features have been added, most notably the support of the uniLIGHT PLUS functionality in connection with the uniLIGHT DESK. 

The 8-channel module also offers universal application options for all lighting tasks in functional model building. Up to eight power or light circuits can be implemented using two different operating voltages. Up to 6 light sequences can be dynamically selected, 5 of which are completely freely programmable. These can then be selected via the servo travel from -100% to +100%. The speed of the light effect can also be adjusted on the module according to personal taste and the scale of the model.

The software interface was changed to the 3-pin data interface for the uniLIGHT MODUL-PLUS programming cable. In addition to more stable communication, the status of the data connection can also be displayed directly on the cable. Other known and new features of the E8 are

  • dynamic programming with 2 to 6 light schemes
  • automatic adjustment of the servo travel
  • Connector strips suitable for unLIGHT standard lights
  • galvanic isolation between RC and light
  • Galvanically isolated 2-circuit operation of the lights with different batteries/voltages possible
  • Sturdy, bolted housing and mounting base included
  • Capability up to 2x7 amps continuous current, up to 30V (depending on lights used)
  • any light pattern with 16bit depth can be programmed with a slide'n click
  • two servo outputs for folding headlights, flaps, undercarriage, flaps,...
  • Servo outputs can be programmed directly or with adjustable smooth running
  • freely adjustable speed of rotation in each light scheme
  • any ramp functions can be set separately for each channel in each lighting scheme
  • individual idle pauses for each light channel and in each scheme allow arbitrary pauses and highly asynchronous behavior