TAFT Hobby Futura Sports Jet ARF Composite

TAFT Hobby Futura Sports Jet ARF Composite

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TAFT Hobby Futura Sports Jet ARF Composite

Taft Hobby Futura V3 Turbine JET ARF + Servos + Landing gear with brakes


Type of kit: ARF
Wingspan (mm): 1450mm / 57.3in
Length (mm): 1550mm / 61.0in
Flying weight (gr) around 6000g / 211.64oz
CG (Center of Gravity) Check manual
Surfaces Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps
Material Composite
Required Radio Minimum 7 channels
Recommended pilot skill level Intermediate, Advanced


Taft Hobby Futura V3 Turbine JET ARF + Servos + Landing gear with Brakes 


The Futura Taft Hobby model is a powerful and maneuverable RC jet engine dedicated to aerobatics allowing spectacular flight figures. Taft Hobby offers a version for the installation of a turbine reactor up to 6kg. Its "Ferrari Red" livery is at the top to shine on the fly fields.


  • The High Performance Composite Turbine Jet.
  • Easy To fly, short distance take off and landing.
  • Flexible to fly with perfect inverted flight, rolls , loop...etc.
  • With all wooden structure and heat proof work done.
  • Ready to install your turbine and fly.

Technical Specifications

  • Wingspan: 1450mm / 57.3in
  • Length: 1550mm / 61.0in
  • Flying weight: around 6000g / 211.64oz
  • Ailerons: Yes
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Rudder: Yes
  • Flaps: Yes
  • Recommended Radio: 7-8 channel
  • Recommended environment: Outdoor