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Turn Buckle Rod

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Turn Buckle Rod

Each Pushrod features a 3mm right-hand thread on one side and a 3mm left-hand thread on the other (turnbuckle). A machined hole in the middle allows you to make very fine length adjustments without removing the linkage from the servo arm or control horn.

With their size and weight, giant-scale aircraft place higher demands on their control systems. This is especially true for giant-scale aerobatic airplanes. Pushrod turnbuckles offer the ultimate in strength and security with the added bonus of ease of adjustability and ultra-light weight.

Turnbuckle Pushrods are ideal for Secraft, Gator RC, Dubro or any other molded ball link or control horns

When using turnbuckles, there is no limit to how finely you can adjust the length of your control rods.