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RC Factory REVO P3

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RC Factory REVO P3

Revo P3 is a super-acrobatic biplane inspired by an actual aircraft. With its size it expands the range of our "one meter" models - but if you consider the fact that biplanes are (and feel) different, you might realize that the equivalent would be something like a 1.2 m monoplane. The overall layout and wing geometry make precise flying possible, from smooth acrobatics to aggressive 3D maneuvers. If you look for a biplane of this size, look no further! 


Key Features:

Wing span: 940 mm
Length: 1000 mm
AUW: od 475 g
Motor: 100 - 200W
ESC: 18 - 25A
Servo: 4 x 9 g
Battery: 850 - 1250 3S
Propeller: 10 x 6

Package Includes:


  • Kit including landing gear, without equipment set - see photo


Recommended equipment sets (motor, servos, ESC, propeller, batteries) can be found below in accessories.