RC Factory Crack Laser Lite Series - RC Gadgetz
RC Factory Crack Laser Lite Series - RC Gadgetz


RC Factory Crack Laser Lite Series

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RC Factory Crack Laser Lite Series

The Crack Laser is the first Twisted Hobbys/RC Factory airplane designed entirely with 3D CAD and analysis software by team member Cody Wojcik. This design approach gave us new insights into aircraft performance and characteristics, and allowed us to achieve our performance goals better than ever before! Large ailerons with huge inboard and outboard counterbalances provide an insane roll rate that stays absolutely consistent at all airspeeds and power settings. A carefully shaped fuselage with T-canalizer provides for great lateral lift and rock solid stability, making knife-edge and precision rolling maneuvers easy and consistent. The stiffening SFG's on the ailerons and elevator, combined with carefully chosen moments and areas make for an incredibly precise and true feeling in the air...you can push, pull, and yaw has hard as you want and the Crack Laser stays perfectly true with zero coupling. The trademark Crack step in the wing makes for perfect harriers without sacrificing high roll rates and quick response. Remarkably, all of this occurs at slow, consistent airspeeds, allowing you to feel comfortable flying hard in a gym or small back yard.  

In aviation, 99% of the time lighter is better. Combination of 3D capability and precision makes this line extremely popular with pilots worldwide. Can be successfully flown indoors.

Key Features

Wing span: 800 mm
Lenght: 825 mm
AUW: 150 g
Motor: 40 - 80 W
ESC: 8 - 12A
Servo: 2 x 6 g, 1x 9g
Battery: 320-450 2S (25C+)
Propeller: 8/4, 9/5

Package Includes


  • Kit without equipment set - see photo


Recommended equipment sets (motor, servos, ESC, propeller, batteries) can be found below in accessories.