PowerBox Systems - Mercury SR2


PowerBox Systems - Mercury SR2

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PowerBox Systems - Mercury SR2

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The PowerBox Mercury SR2 is your first choice when you need a small, high-performance power supply unit with maximum functionality. All the features which are usually the preserve of the larger power supply units are present in the compact PowerBox Mercury SR2: iGyro, servo matching, unrestricted channel assignment and even a door sequencer: it really is a complete system!

The PowerBox Mercury SR2 provides 16 freely assignable outputs with servo matching, i.e. the travel of each channel can be adjusted at five points. If you fly models with large control surfaces, in which individual control surfaces are actuated by two servos, the unique auto-match function can be used to match both servos to each other accurately in a matter of seconds.

The integral iGyro software requires a sensor unit in the form of an iGyroSAT; with this it can address and adjust three aileron, three elevator and three rudder functions individually. The Setup Assistant simplifies the initial adjustments to the gyro system, reducing the time required to just a few minutes. The first time the system is used, the Assistant gathers basic information regarding wing and tail format and the vector control system - if present. A complex model matrix then works in the background, calculating which servo needs to be connected to which output, at the same time linking the corresponding gyro function. A wide range of additional Expert settings offers total freedom, enabling you to fine-tune the gyro system to your particular requirements.

In addition the GPSIII or PBS-TAV (True Airspeed Vario) can also be connected to the FastTrack input, making it possible to vary gyro gain according to airspeed. All GPS or TAV information is even available for telemetry at the transmitter!

The PowerBox Mercury SR2 supplies a regulated output voltage which can be set to 6.0V or 7.8V. The two voltage regulators offer generous capacity thanks to the machined aluminium heatsink on the top and bottom surfaces, enabling the unit to cope effortlessly with the current-hungry servos used in 3D machines.

The integral door sequencer is capable of controlling one undercarriage system and up to three wheel doors. If the Setup Assistant is used, it takes just a few minutes to learn the end-points of door travel, while three pre-defined modes cover the vast majority of undercarriage processes. Once initially set up, the timing of the process can be fine-tuned manually to any values you wish.

For PowerBox and Jeti pilots it is possible to control and adjust virtually every* aspect of the PowerBox Mercury SR2 from your transmitter! Full telemetry for battery and receiver data is present for all supported systems.

*with the exception of the door sequence and Setup Assistant

  • Integral iGyro: Triple-axis gyro system with attitude assist function
  • Expanded setup assistant for ultra-simple operation
  • Special regulatory algorithm for fixed-wing model aircraft
  • Six independent gyro outputs for: 2x ailerons, 2x elevators, 2x rudders
  • Special thrust vector support
  • GPS-regulated gyro gain
  • Extremely accurate six-axis MEMS sensor
  • Integral Delta and V-tail mixer
  • Door sequencer: freely programmable outputs with set-up assistant
  • Servo-Match function: servo centre, end-points and reverse for all 15 servo outputs
  • SRS: Serial Receiver System provides the facility to use receivers with serial interface: Futaba S-Bus, Spektrum DSM2 und DSMX, Jeti UDI, Multiplex M-Link, HoTT and JR X-BUS
  • Unrestricted channel assignment for all 15 PowerBox outputs
  • Graphic OLED screen with 128 x 64 pixels
  • Extremely user-friendly menu-based programming using the SensorSwitch
  • 15 channels
  • Signal amplification and interference suppression for all 15 outputs
  • Flight recorder, recording of lost frames and fail-safe events
  • Variable frame rate, range 12ms – 21ms
  • 16-bit processors for fast, high-resolution signal processing
  • Double-regulated output voltages for receivers and servos
  • regulated output voltage 5.9V or 7.4V
  • Connection facilities for Futaba, Jeti, Spektrum, HoTT, JR and Multiplex MSB downlink bus systems
  • Direct transmission of the battery informations, receiver data and GPS data to the transmitter
  • Separate voltage display for each battery
  • Minimum value memory alerts the user to voltage collapses
  • Large-area heat-sinks for high regulator performance
  • Regulator monitoring, regulator error indicator
  • Support for four battery types: LiPo, LiIon, NiMh/NiCd, LiFePo
  • Suppression of any servo feedback currents which may occur
  • Updateable with PowerBox Systems USB Interface or BlueCom adapter