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PowerBox MicroMatch

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PowerBox MicroMatch

  • Servo-match function on both outputs
  • Servo reverse, accurate adjustment of centre and end-points
  • Programmable using a telephone app (BlueCom) or a PC (USB)
  • Quick reverse function
  • 16-bit processor for high-speed signal processing
  • 4096-step resolution to suit the latest generation of servos
  • Interference suppression and signal amplifier function
  • Ultra-high current capacity: limited only by the plug and socket connection
  • Can be updated using BlueCom or the USB Interface Adapter

The PowerBox MicroMatch is the ideal solution for models where there is no space for a PowerBox, or where the PowerBox in use does not include the MicroMatch’sfunctions.
The MicroMatch provides a very simple method of fine-tuning the servo travels and centre positions of both outputs. Its main application is for systems where two servos operate a single control surface; the unit can match them electronically to run exactly in parallel. This prevents the servos counteracting each other, and allows the torque and speed of both servos to be exploited to the full. A further positive effect is a significant reduction in current drain and servo wear.

The MicroMatch includes a servo reverse function which changes the direction of rotation of the servos with a single click. This is ideal for elevator servos which are installed as a mirror-image pair, allowing them to be operated using just one channel. Further applications are twin rudders or steerable nosewheels.
All adjustments can be carried out using the USB interface (Jeti and MPX adapters can also be used) or a BlueCom adapter. The BlueCom option offers one very practical feature: it is possible to make direct adjustments at the servo output arm, and alter the settings conveniently using a mobile phone and a Bluetooth link!
The MicroMatch includes an update facility, allowing for possible future expansions to the range of functions.