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Jeti Telemetry Sensor RPM Opto MRPM EX

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Jeti Telemetry Sensor RPM Opto MRPM EX

Jeti Telemetry Sensor RPM Brushless- Opto MRPM EX
Dimensions: 19mm x 14mm x 4mm
Weight: 6g (with wires)
Precision: 10U per minute
Operation Temp: -10C to +85C
Supply Voltage: 3.5V to 8.4V
Current Draw: 10mAh

The Opto MRPM EX sensor is used to optically measure the speed (RPM) of propeller driven models. The optic sensor calculates RPM by monitoring the interruption of light (sunlight or incandescent light). The optical sensor is housed inside a metal tube to help reduce unwanted reflections for better accuracy. Using the JetiBox, the Opto MRPM EX allows you to set your propeller blade count, multiple alarms and can even display the motor power in Watts.

Through the Duplex 2.4GHz system and either a JetiBox Profi or Jeti Transmitter you can monitor your data and alarm conditions in real time.