Jeti Central Box 320 2x RSAT + RCSW

Jeti Central Box 320 2x RSAT + RCSW

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JETI DUPLEX 2.4EX Central Box 320 + 2x Rsat2 + RC Switch

Product description and features

The Central Box 320 is designed for a complete management of multiple servos and two receiver batteries for a model with high security requirements.The Central Box 320 has an overload protection on each servo output, 8 channels for high-performance servos up to 60 kg / cm and 10 channels for standard servos up to 30 kg / cm. Especially for the use of powerful and power-hungry servos, the Central Box 320 has an aluminum housing for better cooling. The Central Box 320 offers true battery redundancy, DITEX servo telemetry, JETI EX telemetry and up to three receiver inputs (2x 2.4GHz and 1x 900MHz) for full power and RF signal redundancy.

Configuration via JETI Duplex DS/DC transmitters

With JETI Duplex DC/DS transmitters, the full potential of the Central Box 320 can be fully exploited. The device overview of the JETI Duplex DS/DC transmitter makes it easy to perform the entire configuration of the servo outputs, DITEX servo and JETI EX telemetry, function assignment, and more.

Compatibility with Futaba

The Central Box 320 can also be used with two S.Bus receivers (e .g Futaba R7003SB). Setting up and reading out the telemetry values must, however, be realized with a separatly available JETIBOX.

Switching on and off

The switching on and off process of the Central Box 320 is done with the supplied R/C switch.

Recommended receivers

Two compatible RSat2 receivers are included. Optionally, the use of a REX Assist receiver in combination with a RSat2 receiver is possible, so you get a Central Box with gyro stabilization.


  • Adjustable powerful BEC for voltage stabilization (connection of standard or HV servos)
  • DITEX servo telemetry support
  • Possibility to connect up to 3 receivers with serial communication
  • built-in Expander function with the possibility of independent connection of up to four JETI EX sensors
  • Input for magnetic switch or RC switch
  • Power supply batteries connected via MPX connector
  • 100Hz mode of servo outputs (10ms period)
  • EX telemetry support (measurement of voltage, current, capacity, temperature, etc.)
  • Easy settings changes via DC/DS transmitter („Device explorer“)
  • Robust metal construction with mounting holes

Comparison table Central Box 310/320

Feature Central Box 310 Central Box 320
Servo outputs 18 18
Protected servo outputs (for servos with up to 30kg/cm) --- 10
Protected servo outputs (for servos with up to 60kg/cm) --- 8
Receiver inputs up to 3 up to 3
Satellite receiver support Yes Yes
Telemetry Yes Yes
DITEX servo telemetry Yes Yes
Battery inputs 2 2
Supply voltage [V] 4.0 up to 14.0 4.0 up to 14.0
Voltage regulator 5.0 up to 14.0 5.0 up to 14.0
Permanent current [A] 20 20
Peak current (approx. 2 seconds) [A] 80 80
Idle current [µA] 180 180
Operating temperature [°C] ([°F]) -20 to 75 (-4 to 167) -20 to 75 (-4 to 167)
Dimensions [mm] ([in]) 66 x 107 x 21 (2.6 x 4.21 x 0.83) 66 x 107 x 21 (2.6 x 4.21 x 0.83)
Weight [g] ([oz]) 135 (4.76) 135 (4.76)

Delivery contents

1 JETI Duplex 2.4EX Central Box 320, 1 R/C switch, 2 JETI Duplex 2.4EX RSat2 receivers and 3 patch cables.