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Flex QQ Extra 300 Super PNP Red
Flex QQ Extra 300 Super PNP Red


Flex QQ Extra 300 Super PNP Red

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Flex QQ Extra 300 Super PNP Red

The Night version of the pilot favorite, QQ Extra 300, adds internally and externally mounted super-bright LED's while adding ONLY 1 ounce (30g) to the flying weight of the aircraft. You will barely know that they are there. It includes a convenient balance lead connector, so the lights can easily be used at night, and left off during the day. As an added bonus, a light controller is installed, which can flash the lights in several sequences if desired.
The QQ Extra 300 is the evolution and accumulation of many years of design experience. A perfectly balanced airframe design combined with today’s most Advanced Flight Control System, gives an unmatched flying experience. Pilots will feel smooth, predictable and precise aircraft control without any interference to pilot inputs. The aircraft will fly as if it were much larger, Turbulent air will be less noticeable, Rotations will stop more precisely and smooth landings will be much easier to execute!

Flex Innovations has tuned and matched both the airframe and the Aura 8 to their best potential. However, the Aura 8 programming capability allows the pilot total freedom to adjust all settings, including the flight modes (sensor control inputs can even be switched off). The USB firmware update capability will allow you to benefit from the latest features and advancements without purchasing new equipment!

Light wing loading and absolute minimum control coupling are key to great 3D performance and the QQ Extra 300 excels in this area. The careful design and manufacture of the QQ Extra 300 gives you light and stiff at the same time as it is hollow on the inside and has carbon fiber in key locations. Because it is EPO, it remains Tough and Repairable.


  • Internal super-bright LED's that make the wing GLOW.
  • Wing-tip SFG mounted super-bright LED's that further light the airframe including the fuselage and tail.
  • Light controller (with 3S balance connector) allows solid light
  • Extremely Light - LED system adds only 1 ounce (30g) to the flying weight!
  • Lights use 3S flight battery
  • Innovative plywood sub-frame connects the firewall to the wing spar while providing superior battery mounting and cooling
  • Advanced AURA 8 Control system
  • Extreme 3D Performance
  • Precise Aerobatics with nearly zero control coupling
  • Super-light Rigid Airframe
  • Hollow wing with internal wood and carbon structure
  • 11.5 x 4.5" Custom Tooled Somenzini-Ribbe (SR) Prop for awesome grip at all speeds
  • 19g full metal gear Digital Servos are durable, powerful, and precise
  • Powerful all metal 10 size motor
  • 40A HobbyWing BL Motor Controller with 3A SBEC
  • Wheel Pants to enhance scale appearance (removable)
  • Vortex Generators for low speed control
  • Custom Control Horns for Optimized Throw and Precision
  • SFG's for extreme maneuvering
  • Factory applied trim scheme



  • Potenza 3S 2200 45C battery (FPZB22003S45)
  • Potenza (3) Male to Male Servo Connectors (FPZAU01)
    • Optional for '4 PWM' (servo) Rx connections
  • Potenza Battery Analyzer (FPZA1010)
  • Potenza C80 Touch Screen Charger (FPZC0080)
  • HobbyWing Programming Card (optional) (FTVHWBQ2006)
  • 6+ Channel Computer Radio recommended*
*Works with DX4e/5e class transmitters with downloaded special configuration file.