DA Engine 215cc

DA Engine 215cc

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DA Engine 215cc

The newest Desert Aircraft offering, Shipping now! Already proven in competition, the DA215 is a great option for your 40%+ sized model. It boasts tons of torque with a robust build. The length and width are nearly identical to the DA170, which allows it to fit into the cowlings of many planes already on the market. 

Best performing exhaust set-up: MTW130 canisters with 6" headers. 

Headers only come in solid, no flex. 

Runs great on stock mufflers as well


All engines come with ignition, prop washer, and prop bolts. 



  • Displacement: 13.12ci (215cc)
  • Weight: 10.9lbs
  • Bore: 56 mm
  • Stroke: 44 mm
  • RPM Range: 1,200 to 6,000
  • RPM Max: 6,700
  • Fuel Consumption: 4.2 oz/min @ 5,700 RPM
  • Warranty: Three year
  • Bolt Circle: 42mm
  • Prop Bolt: (6) 6mm


  • Three crank bearings,with long spacing between front bearings.
  • Four petal reed valve, bottom induction.
  • Desert Aircraft, auto advance, electronic ignition.
  • Walbro Carburator
  • Exclusive Desert Aircraft designed cylinders, pistons, and crankshaft.
  • CNC milled, 7075 aluminum alloy crankcase.
  • Low vibration.
  • Long rod to stroke ratio.
  • Aerobatic power curve.

Recommended Props


  • 33x13
  • 34x12


  • 31x12