3DHS Slick 79" Blue
3DHS Slick 79" Blue
3DHS Slick 79" Blue

3DHS Slick 79" Blue

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79" Slick 580 - Blue Scheme


Our 60" Slick 580 has been receiving rave reviews and now it's time to bring you the next size of the Slick 580 series.

The 79" Slick 580 is designed to be an ultra-lightweight package for 50-55CC gas, coming in under 15 lbs. dry RTF. It also works brilliantly on our new XPWR 40CC power system with over 4,000 watts. The Slick is easy to transport with a removable rudder and stabs, measuring only 67" long without the rudder.

The Slick uses carbon fiber strategically in the fuselage and wings to give it durability for the newest XA maneuvers, and its stable harrier and high-alpha KE performance make it a pussycat when you want that.

The Slick features a gorgeous clear-coated color scheme for looks and visibility. One scheme is based on a rich cobalt blue with gold and red details, the other is a bright Red-orange with high-visibility white and grey stripes. Both feature our 'seamless' covering technology which will not allow individual stripes to peel up, even with lots of smoke fluid applied.

As usual, top quality hardware including steel pushrods, FRP ball links, composite horns, HD hinge points, stainless cable, molded carbon landing gear, carbon wing and tail tube, dual hatch latches and much more is included.


Product Information



Wingspan: 79 inches
Length: 77 inches
Wing area: 1167 square inches
Weight: 14-15.5 lbs.
Firewall to back of spinner: 6.5 inches

  • Gas Power System


50CC-55CC single cylinder gas, DA 50 recommended
Header Drop: 25mm for canister or tuned pipe applications
12-17 oz. FlowMaster fuel tank
22 x 8 gas prop
Note: DA-50 and engines with identical spacing require 2.5 inch standoffs to firewall.