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Rapid Eyewear Groove RC

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Rapid Eyewear Groove RC


Groove polarized sunglasses for RC feature interchangeable polarized lenses, a wrap-around style that blocks unwanted light from the peripheries of your vision and an impact-resistant build quality.

The Frames

Made from a tough yet lightweight polycarbonate, the high quality hand-sprayed frames have a slight flex that allows for an ultra-comfortable yet snug fit. Unlike cheaper plastic sunglasses, the frames do not feel like they are pinching your temples and will not become uncomfortable when worn for long periods. Rubber side arm inserts and nose pads further enhance comfort levels.

The Lenses

Four sets of lenses are supplied as standard. They are as follows:

  • Category 0 yellow, for use in low light. An AR coating on the rear surface reduces glare at night
  • Category 2, beige polarized, for use in changeable, hazy of mild sunshine conditions
  • Category 3 grey mirror polarized, for sunny conditions
  • Category 4 dark, smoked for very bright conditions. Please note, this lens set cannot be used for driving

Groove Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing
All lenses are supplied with vent cut-out’s, which sit above your eyebrows, allowing them to ‘breathe’ in hot weather. This helps to prevent sweat from dripping off the eyebrows and onto the back of the lenses, which can cause fogging. The lenses are decentred, and anti-scratch coated.

Polarized lenses filter horizontal light, which bounces off surfaces (like clouds, film-covered wings etc.) to cause glare. 

The Package

Each set of Groove is supplied with a microfibre cleaning cloth, a retainer strap and a carry case with storage for the extra lenses.

Conformity and UV

Groove comply with ISO 12312 regulations for sunglasses, and also US Z80.3. They offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection.
Groove sunglasses for RC