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PowerBox Battery 2800

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PowerBox Battery 2800

  • Integrated charge technology of the latest type
  • Integral balancer
  • Can be left in the model for charging
  • Only a simple mains PSU is required for charging
  • Integral monitoring of cell voltage, charge current and battery temperature
  • Integral voltage monitor with external LED
  • Strong external case provides protection from external influences
  • Mounting frame holds the battery with completely reliability
  • Mounting frame enables rapid battery swap
  • Low-cost cell replacement service

The PowerBox Battery System with a battery capacity of 2800 mAh has been developed specifically for use as receiver and servo power supplies.

A sophisticated electronic safety circuit monitors battery voltage, temperature, charge current and charge time. The integral balancer monitors and regulates the voltage of the individual cells.

All you need for safe, efficient charging of our high-quality LiPo and LiFePo4 cells is the 110 / 220 V main PSU or 12 V car adapter. This eliminates any danger of incorrect charging due to entering the wrong cell-count or battery type in the charge program. The PowerBox Battery can be left connected to the charger for long periods without suffering damage.

The battery also includes an integral voltage monitor. The external plug-in LED allows the user to detect an imminent low-voltage condition even when the battery is not in use.

A robust case protects the PowerBox Battery from all external influences and loads in the model. The mounting frame supplied as standard is installed permanently in the model, and ensures that the battery can never shift in flight. Mounting frames are also available separately. Since the PowerBox Battery can be removed from the frame quickly and easily, a single battery can be used in multiple models.

After a few years the cells in the PowerBox Battery may become exhausted, but we offer a low-cost cell replacement service, which also includes a check of the electronics.