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Loctite Hysol EA-9462

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Loctite Hysol EA-9462

High performance turbine or gasoline models deserve the best aerospace grade adhesive product available. Loctite's Hysol 9462 is a thixotropic, slow cure, aerospace grade, 2-part epoxy system that is perfect for bonding wood, fiberglass, plastic and metal. Hysol 9462 comes in dual feed cartridge.

Net Weight:
1.69 fl. oz. (50ml)

Loctite 398469 Features:

Brand: Hysol®

Series: EA 9462

Product Type: Epoxy Adhesive

Material Compatibility: Metal, Plastic, Wood

Color: Part A:White, Part B:Amber

Primary Color: Part A:White, Part B:Amber

Mix Ratio: 100:85

Physical Form: Paste

Cure Time: 3days