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Flex Ventique 60E ARF/SV
Flex Ventique 60E ARF/SV
Flex Ventique 60E ARF/SV


Flex Ventique 60E ARF/SV

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Flex Ventique 60E ARF/SV

The Ventique 60 is an all out 3D monster! It is designed by Quique Somenzini, 4 time TOC Champion and F3A World Champion! It features lightweight balsa, plywood, and carbon construction and innovative aerodynamics to offer extreme performance and predictable and precise handling.

The innovative ‘Shark Teeth’ leading edge softens the stall at the tip and greatly reduces wing rock. Light wing loading is key to great 3D performance. The careful design and manufacture, and features like carbon landing gear, and carbon spar assure ‘floaty’ performance in 3D maneuvers like harriers and hovering.

The fresh original styling sets the Ventique apart from the crowd, and quality components like G-10 custom control horns and genuine Oracover covering help complete the package.


  • 3D Unlimited Performance
  • Superlight Rigid Airframe
  • Aileron Hinges installed and glued
  • Custom horns and control surface bevels for symmetric and extreme 3D throws
  • 3 inch plastic spinner with aluminum backplate
  • Genuine Oracover Covering®
  • Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
  • Optional ‘Shark Teeth’ Leading Edge Included
  • Optional SFG’s Included
  • Protective Wing Bags Included
  • Decorative Decals Included
  • Printed Manual


  • (4) Potenza DS19410TGHV Servos Installed.
  • Digital, High Voltage, Titanium Gears, Coreless Motor, Aluminum Middle Case
    • Use with 2S LiPo or LiFe battery. Fully HV Capable.
    • 13 kg-cm (180 oz-in) Torque, 0.10 sec/60° (@6.8 volts)
  • (3) Single Side 1¼ inch and Aluminum Servo Arms Installed
  • (1) Double Sided 2½ inch Aluminum Servo Arm Installed
  • Servo Linkages Installed and Ready to Use

22 Ferrari Red HANU866 True Red
91 Silver HANU881 Silver
52 Dark Blue HANU885 Midnight Blue
10 White HANU870 White


  • 6S 3500 to 5200 40C LiPo with EC5 (FPZB35006S40 or FPZB42006S40 or FPZB52006S40)
  • 2S 1200-1500 25C LiFe or LiPo (Rx)
  • Potenza 60 470kv Motor (FPZM1060A)
  • HobbyWing Skywalker 80A ESC (FTVHWBQ8012)
  • 17″ x 8E Falcon Wood Prop (FPMPF17E08)
  • 5+ Channel Computer Radio with adjustable D/R and Expo