3DHS Edge 540 48" PNP (Orange)
3DHS Edge 540 48" PNP (Orange)
3DHS Edge 540 48" PNP (Orange)

3DHS Edge 540 48" PNP (Orange)

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The 48" Edge 540 developed by Scott Stoops delivers the ultimate 3d bang for your buck. A serious 48" 3D aircraft capable of using up to 700 watts of power, the 48" is also a perfect first balsa 3D plane. It offers extremely stable 3D flight, precise handling, excellent tumbling and spinning performance, and the durability you need to perfect your 3D skills.

The 48" Edge uses a carbon wing tube, giving you the convenience of removable wings for easy transport.
It uses spring-steel wire landing gear so that a poor landing will not send you home - even a true "splat" landing won't cause any damage.


Product Information


Wingspan: 48"
Length: 47" 
Wing Area: 510 sq. inches 
Weight: 42-48 oz.