Mamba 10 PNP

Product Details

The Mamba 10 is a fantastic aerobatic and 3D flyer. Biplanes offer a unique challenge as every aspect of the design must be optimized, from the structure, to the aerodynamics, and control system. Only years of experience designing aircraft in this category can produce the Mamba 10's aggressive, yet forgiving characteristics. The Flex Innovations team has the ability to optimize all of these points.
Quique Somenzini knows how to optimize biplane aerodynamics like no other, having won F3A and 3D world championships with his biplane designs. A biplane with less coupling or better manners cannot be found.
The structure is highly optimized offering an aircraft that is stiff and strong, yet light in weight. Its plywood sub-structure keeps the motor secure while offering great mounting and cooling for the battery.
The Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System brings out the best of every airframe. It makes the aircraft fly as if it is larger and more stable and minimizes the effect of the wind. Pilots also rave about its direct and non-interfering feeling, and its ability to NOT feel 'in the way'.
The Mamba is licensed by Jim Kimbal Enterprises.
Altogether it is an unbeatable performer in a compact park-flyer package
Advanced Aura 8 Control System
SIX Servos included! FOUR for Ailerons.
Innovative plywood sub-frame connects the motor securely to the fuselage while providing superior battery mounting and cooling
Extreme 3D Performance
Light wing loading for easy handling
Large control surfaces for excellent maneuverability
Shark Teeth for low speed control
Precise Aerobatics with nearly zero control coupling
Easy dissassembly for transport in small cars
Optimized cooling with large intakes and outlets
15g metal gear Digital Servos are durable, powerful, and precise
Realistic biplane looks based on full scale designs
Powerful all metal 10 size motor with optimized Kv
50A HobbyWing BL motor controller with 5V/5A SBEC
11.5 x 4.5" Custom Tooled Somenzini-Ribbe (SR) Prop for awesome grip at all speeds
Custom control horns for optimized throw and precision
Large battery compartment
One-piece upper and lower wings
Factory applied trim scheme
CA hinges for security and free movement

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