Product Details

Based on the Jet Legend 1/6 F-16C, and highly modified by the 3D godfather and world champion Quique Somenzini, the F-16QQ turbine jet offers an unprecedented level of 3D maneuverability. It is extremely light weighing in at a scant 27 pounds ready to fly. When combined with the Aura 8, it offers an unprecedented combination of acceleration, stability, and post stall/3D maneuverability while retaining excellent speed and aerobatic precision. It can operate from grass fields that are in good condition.  
It is a revolution in 3D jet flight!
Extra light weight composite lay-up with more carbon fiber content
Designed to fly with Aura at an Aft Center of Gravity for extreme manueverability in all attitudes, including post stall Angle Of Attack
Only needs Reciever, Turbine, and Batteries installed; Can be ready to fly in a few hours
Extended Ailerons for added roll control
Hi angle thrust vectoring nozzle for improved 3D control at even moderate power settings
Installed air system allows opening main landing gear doors as auxilliary air intakes in 3D flight
Extreme control throws
Precise Aerobatics with minimum control coupling
One piece main fuselage for more strength and lighter weight
Extensive use of carbon fiber lamination for fuselage walls and wing spar
Advanced foam core light weight composite construction
Main Hatch and removeable radome and canopy for eazy access
Plug in wings and fin for easy transport on wheels
Factory installed and rigged digital servos
Aura 8 included with Quique Somenzini program loaded (shipped separately)
Factory installed and rigged landing gear with doors and wheel brakes
Factory installed lights with controller
Super-light Rigid Airframe
Super-light Foam Tires installed
Scale Cockpit
Factory applied trim scheme
NOTE: The F-16QQ is a high performance and complex experimental aircraft. It is sold as is with no warranty expressed or implied. 
Power: 140-200N Turbine (180+ reccomended for 3D flight)
Air-trap for fuel system (Upgrade Reccomended)
12+ Channel Computer Radio recommended
12+ Channel Receiver and Rx Batteries
Optional Smoke System
Wing Tip Missiles
Pilot figure not included

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