Jet System Pro

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Jet System Pro
The box houses the key components which are:
Master switch : Used on Aircrafts and Vehicles to arm and disarm circuitry, and in this case used to arm and disarm your pump. Connected to the master switch is a universal T plug.
DPDT two-way toggle switch: The perfect switch to fill and empty your aircraft while being able to switch the direction of flow it makes life easier knowing you can go both ways.
At the very top we have the beautifully crafted CNC machined work of art made by secraft, the Refueling Cap fits perfectly giving a seamless design.
Next we have water jet cut aluminum shaped to perfection, fitting perfectly onto the jerry can. Painted with high grade black glossy paint, to give you the best possible finish. Around the edges we have rubber edging to give it a more comfortable feel.
Around the side of the box you will see the entry and exit holes of the tubing to the pump with grommets so no micro fractures start to eat away at your tubing.
As we move down we are met by an outdoor box made to take a beating from mother nature. Easy to open latches made to be easily opened and closed to charge the battery,
better than having a screw driver around all the time to charge, makes life a little easier.
Fuse: A safety net used by all electricians to cut power if deemed necessary to the master component to save it from burning out.
Greylor pump: The super pump that we are using is American made, using Viton seals to insure the best seal possible, designed to run for prolonged periods of time, you will not find a better pump suited for the job.
To ensure that the fuel that is delivered to your aircraft is clean, we are using stone filters to make sure no dust or debri particles enter you fueling system inside the aircraft. Using high grade tubing that is made to handle Gas, Kero, and Diesel, color coded to give the most elegant finish, and doesn’t go stiff over time unlike the yellow stuff.

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